Winter in Mullion Cove Cornwall

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A very special place - can you imagine to be here in wintertime?

You may arrive with a lot of fog, maybe even some rain...  

your dog loves it, of course.

You may prefer to take a warm bath in the beautiful bathrooms of the Hotel Mullion Cove and then enjoy a exquisite dinner in the restaurant of this nice Hotel.

People are extremely polite, the REALLY love dogs (!), the rooms are wonderful and breakfast as well as dinner is exclusive!

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...and then you wake up the next morning: out comes the sunshine!

The most beautiful thing for me is that there is an infinite cost path to trek.

Whether you walk to the north or to the south: 

The unique path rewards the lonely wanderer and his dog with endless panoramas.

Of course, you may need a windshield and - possibly - a rain cover... who cares?

And should you happen to walk to the "most southerly point of England",

then you may enjoy a marvelous view ....

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I also can suggest to have a trip to the Trebah botanical garden.

Although in wintertime you may see less flowers than in summertime, this garden is a miracle. 

You may also want to walk around the small, sleepy village of Mullion... 

The people are so nice and they all love dogs! 

.... and the Cornish bear is good, too!

Although the climate in this wonderful country is said to be moderately mediterranean the whole year, it may happen that it gets cold and snowy. 

Then, this unique place gets a special touch of something very precious.... 

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© by rené r. wenzel 2018 -

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